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Cricket World Cup 2007- Sri Lanka Runners-up !

As a Sri Lankan cricket fan I’ve really enjoyed the tour of Sri Lankan cricket team of Caribbean. They have played wonderfully, with great vehemence against best cricket nations and came top on most occasions or gave a dead fight in the only 3 games they were defeated for the whole tournament.


The final match at Barbados was a very exciting match, but seeing as it was an Australia’s day, all went for their likings and we were defeated by a margin of 53 runs. But considering the run chase they put up with close to 7.5 runs per over it was a great batting performance by Sri Lankan cricket team. If we had any luck on that day, we could have won, but no such luck was to be seen.


But I’m not disappointed about it that much, we have played brilliant, we came second in the cricket world cup (and everyone says that we deserve the second position, no one seem to doubt our position as was in 96 ) , made few world records , all the batsmen came into runs , all bawlers did brilliant in every match and Malinga became a renown fast bowler. So there’s nothing to be shamed of.


“Australia were the deserved winners of this contest, and in truth Sri Lanka were worthy runners-up – they plugged away with composure in the face of overwhelming odds, and the margin of Australia’s victory was their slimmest in both the tournament and in their three latest World Cup wins” –


I sincerly hope Sri Lankan cricket team all the best and wishes good luck in their future endurances.