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As the whole world is mourning the passing of one of the giants in this era who has contributed to shape the tech world to where it is now, felt like I should jot down my two cents of the man in my diary.

Even though he is best known for his creativity, vision and entrepreneurship, in my opinion they are secondary to the wave he truly brought. It is the sense of hope and inspiration to the world.

Society is hierarchical in nature. Usually higher levels have more power and leeway at choosing their own destiny while like or not middle and lower have fewer chances. Steve Jobs’ life story is a fairy tale of my era that stands as a testimony to that someone starting with the humblest means can still go onto change the world. This in my opinion might be the best thing that can happen to a society and I believe the modern US tech hub benefited most out of it.

How many might have inspired from the life of Steve Jobs directly or indirectly? I can attest that I’m one, and Vesess for another. As a successful startup it’s not uncommon we come across one of his famous quotes or quirk in his latest product in our usual day-to-day chit chat. So if a team in the other side of the world resonated with his life story, it’s a testimony to his influence.

This kind of influence doesn’t just come with skills. I’m sure there are more creative designers and more skillful entrepreneurs among the small crowd of 6 billion. However there’s a sense of destiny and fate in his life story, which is unique and a good study in itself to learn about phases of the life. Even though I earlier mentioned his life story a fairly tale, this isn’t a typical one where the protagonist is a goody-two-shoe. His life is congested with extreme successes, failures, light and dark and he was man enough to accept it. This surely made it easier for everyone to approach him without putting him on a pedestal who can do no wrong.

For me, his greatest legacy is his own life story more than any other.

9 thoughts on “Steve Jobs effect

  1. Anon says:

    Really, you lifted the Jobs-in-the-Apple-logo image without nary a link or attribution?

  2. grace says:

    Love the closing statement and the picture of the mans face in the Apple.

  3. His story is certainly an inspiring legacy for anyone who dares to dream big dreams. A very nice tribute… thanks for sharing!

  4. Amelia says:

    The computer world would not be same without steve’s in put. He really did put his mark on the world.

  5. Phillip Dews says:

    A Fitting tribute to a great man! I loves what you said about the small crowd being 6 billion on this small rock of ours.

    He truly did change the world for good and if it was not for people like Steve, Sir Tim Berners-Lee and not forgetting Bill Gates, Then I would not be in the career I am in now

    Just wanted to leave a comment
    -Phillip Dews

  6. Brad says:

    We don’t talk much about Foxcon and how Apple kept their prices low. Sure, Steve was a great mind in technology but the underbelly does not get talked about much nor how he treated others.

  7. ryan says:

    wow..did not know he was buddhist. that is whrere he gets his inspiration and peace is it.

  8. AnJay says:

    Even his long time rival Bill Gates had decent things to say.

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