Elections & Prosperity

Election times are upon us…. well, not that there weren’t enough in the past few years, but only that an election which people care at least a dime is nearby and thus some changes to the Sri Lankan social behaviour.

Larger than life political faces materialising in every nook and corner of the country. Roads that were meant to be built in years are built in days. Living cost that was said to be impossible to come down even by godly interventions are coming down like melting butter. Roads that were closed due to terrible security hazards are being opened. Rulers’ godly status has been threatened and thus travelling alongside us – the mere mortals, in the road. Common mortals whom were lethargic due to the lack of gossip matters have again got something to shout about. Oh, almost forgot about free comedies and the entertainment…who needs Mr. Bean ? Considering all this, one might say that we should hold elections every month to see some positive developments in the country.

This is what I call the election prosperity.

But with such a polarised and biased grounds, is there any meaning to all this hype ? That’s another story for another time.

2 thoughts on “Elections & Prosperity

  1. Lakshan says:

    So true! Unfortunate thing is people will never realize the true face of this false prosperity and chooses to suffer themselves forever.

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