An unexpected guest

An unexpected guest dropped by (literally) my home today.

If the image is not clear, it’s a poor porcupine -wandering near by woods and dropped into pit where a new house is being built. Seems these poor guys don’t have enough room with all the construction works going with horrible humans.

17 thoughts on “An unexpected guest

  1. haisen says:

    its sonic brother.

  2. dave says:

    To ask a silly question, the thing is dead, right?? When I initially looked at the picture, I was alarmed to see someone (you?) standing so close to a porcupine.

  3. Laknath says:

    @dave : No, it’s not dead. It seemed dizzy because it was dropped into a pit and had to stay there for a while till people saw it. And it’s not me standing close to the porcupine (I’m the one who took the photo), it’s the guy who brought it up from the pit. Really, there’s nothing to be alarmed of the porcupines, it sometimes spreads its quills to intimidate other creatures (and humans), but it doesn’t do anything other than that. They are really innocent creatures.

  4. niro says:

    Wow.. he he.. he is very cute…

  5. Hey that’s so cool man! You are so lucky to have such a closeness to nature or look at us, stuck into the Jungles of cement. By the way, nice to know that I have a SL neighbor writing here. I am from India.

  6. Stu Hood says:

    What is that stuff near his mouth?

  7. Laknath says:

    Life is Colourful@ Thanks 🙂 But everywhere nature seems to be going down, no exception here. That’s why creatures that belong to the jungle emerging from it.

    Stu Hood @ That’s some coconut pieces 🙂 You know, they are addicted to coconut. Usually they cut coconut shell and outer core using their mouth and eat it. Not sure what toothpaste they are using to have such teeth 😛

  8. Dilantha says:

    Cool pic. Hope the fellow is alright now.

  9. findusi says:

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