Coming of another year and last year in retrospection

First I have to say it’s absolute true in saying “time is gold”, because it seems to pass so quickly in front of our very eyes. However, last year was a fairly successful one for me, specially considering getting selected into GSoC and having a chance to do a project with Gnome. In addition to that, I also did some contributions to Drupal community in regards of modules and also can’t forget getting a new laptop :).

Also at Vesess we launched Plex – the job portal which is continuously gaining popularity and also got the chance to work in several other projects. So all and all, it can be called as one of the best years of my life so far.

Now here comes a new year, new hopes and new challenges. Yeah, It’s common in each passing year but I feel like it’ll be more challenging for me this year than in previous years when considering my personal expectations and expected of me in new year.

Whatever stocked there for the new year, I wish everyone that their stocks contain more pleasant surprises and all hopes may become true !

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