Monthly Archives: November 2007

MySQL South East Asia Roadshow 2007

Yesterday there was a summit organized by hSenid and the speaker was David Axmark, Co-founder and Vice President of MySQL. He talked about the future versions of MySQL and enhancements about to come.

According to David, MySQL 6.0 beta should be released in February next year and 7.0 should be released by the end of 2009. More attention will be given to Falcon, the new DB engine and into optimizing sub queries. In fact, improved 6.0 version should perform a sub query in 1.8 seconds which now takes 12 minutes.

But as a web developer most intriguing fact is the online backup function that will be available in next version. Now when there’s a need to give the ability to create a online backup option I use an export script from phpMyAdmin. But it’s a messy job. So next version of MySQL should make developer’s life bit easy.

Drupal-The best open source CMS of the year

First let me say a big sorry for being absent for more than two months of time. I was having sort of a writers block and didn’t have a mind to write anything. But that doesn’t mean I was idle for the whole lot of time.

In fact, it has been good in regards to my work at Vesess. After last year exams were over, I put all my effort into finishing some works that have been elongating. And I also got the chance to help build our new job portal which opened to public recently and seems promising.

The specialty of Plex is that it is totally based on Drupal, which is the best Open Source CMS in Open Source CMS awards, 2007. The experience is totally exhilarating, when compared to some other CMS such as Expression Engine (I will write about that experience later)

The work I did mostly involved around module customization. Actually I had to create a new module for the site and I’m on my way publishing it to Drupal community. One of the best things about Drupal is that its huge array of modules, which covers almost everything. But when we were going to launch the site we were presented with a requirement to moderate invitations (since the site is still in beta) and we were unable to find a suitable module for that. So I created a new module which use one existing module – Invite and I named the new module ‘Invite Request’. (The new module is in use, you can see it in right hand side bar of

I guess I will be seeing more of Drupal in future as is still on its way and there’s lot more work to be done. And it’s a good news because I’m enjoying my work with Drupal.