IT Exhibition – University of Sabaragamuwa

Last week 5 students from our faculty(including me) went to the Faculty of Applied Science of University of Sabaragamuwa. The Faculty is situated in Buttala at a separated place from the Sabaragamuwa University. We went there on last Wednesday(13th June) and stayed there for 4 days and did a stall with some of our projects representing our faculty.

The participation for the exhibition was overwhelming. In all 3 days there were non-stopping cues of school children coming to see the exhibition even from the farthest corners of the central area of Sri Lanka. When we talked with those who were coming to see the exhibition we really understood the state of IT literacy of Sri Lanka. That’s to say that most of the IT literacy and IT boom is centered in mainly Colombo western province and we can even make it focus only to Colombo area. Some of the school children that we talked didn’t even have a computer in their schools much less a computer lab. So even though there’s a GIT (General IT) subject for O/L and A/L students it seems like IT knowledge is not going to rural areas successfully.

But all the credit should go to Faculty of Applied Science of University of Sabaragamuwa for their effort in making that exhibition a success because at least they are taking an effort to take IT to rural areas and hopefully they will get some cooperation from government or private sector in their future efforts. Also I have to thank the students of the faculty for all the help they gave us and the hospitality of the students were amazing and we would certainly help them again if an opportunity is presented because this sort of things are truly in need to make IT spread in Sri Lanka and bring it to a level which will make IT not a luxury for people but a necessity of people.

One thought on “IT Exhibition – University of Sabaragamuwa

  1. Wajira says:

    Yes malli, I’m totally agree with you. But I saw something valuable there. That is those students are more keen to learn / touch IT. They have a very good passion for ICT.
    But I don’t know how we can overcome the problems you have mentioned. Because we got more than 45 min.s to explain what is a web site. How crutial !!!!

    Any way All the roses should goes to the Students of Faculty of Applied Science. They did great job for the students in their area.

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