Vista Launch UOM

If I have to describe my last few days it’ll only suit the word hectic. The main reason for that is we organized a Vista introduction programme at UOM. Even though I’m very much contented with XP and Ubuntu, it’s always a nice to know more about new coming technologies and sharing knowledge, discuss them and letting to choose the best. So we organized the event at UOM(this was done at Colombo and Peradeniya Universites last month) and we scheduled it today.

Wijira Aiya(MS Ambassador), Ransara Aiya, Akila and me worked tooth and nail to make this event a success. And many people helped us as possible as they can. Specially my batch mates gave a tremendious help. So with all the help(It was really needed because we had to change the venue of the event from the location we previously planeed with a very short notice) we did the event today. I’m really pleased with the day’s work and it was really “exceeding expections” work. Wela did the morning presentations and afternood sessions were done by Primal Aiya(Colombo MS Ambs) and two of our third level Aiya. Microsoft Sri Lanka gave their support in providing food.(RS 30,000) and some gifts for the participants. So all and all it was a good thing for the faculty and I’m really glad about it.

2 thoughts on “Vista Launch UOM

  1. Lakshan says:

    Nice to hear that the event happend in style 😉 Congratz for your hard work !

  2. Akila says:

    Found this post while searching your blog:)
    Imagine Cup introduction for this year (2009) was held on 6th January. It was the 3rd one we had after we entered to the uni. Almost 2 years gone after our first one:)
    I still remember how we worked for the first one.
    We missed you a lot this time.

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