Monthly Archives: December 2006

Batch Trip Photos

These are the photos of our Batch trip on this summer.

Batch trip to Badulla

Favourite 3D companies

Here are important 3D software sites in the world.
Autodesk Maya(I’m still getting used to the name. It feels strange calling autodesk instead of Alias.)
3D Max
Poser(One of best character designing tools)
Light wave

These are some of my favourite tools.
If you have any problem with these tools I may be able to give a hand.

Tiring days

When I came to university I thought it as a blessing. But now I’m beginning to think whether it’s true. Because we have to work 52 weeks for a year and only get 2 weeks of vacation for whole year. When I came to Uni I was doing freelancing and I didn’t gave it up. But now I’m finding it’s hard give time for it. But then again I think it’s a blessing going to Uni because I met many good people and it’s fun working with friends.

In this week I was busy as possible as I can imagine one could be. Assignments, Mid term tests, Classes are driving me bonkers. However the whole week wasn’t a waste since I got a chance to go to an interview in Vesess (A web company which is still young, but has a good potential in its members and their dedication) . So it was a good experience.

Then on Friday I went to Microsoft-Sri Lanka office for a student champ meeting and I took few of my batch mates with me and they were very satisfied about the meeting. (Student champs is a programme done collaborating Sri Lankan universities by Microsoft Sri Lanka to promote the knowledge of MS technology among the university students)

And yesterday I did a session on C# and .Net for MS Champ programme. I would say it went well but the participation was not that impressive, may be it’s due to the fact there’s a Mid test on next Monday. And for that session I got a little present, a voucher form MS to do MSTS exam free of charge. But more than any thing being able to do some thing for the batch gives a good feeling.

I should really stop this mail before getting too long (is it already?). I have a exam to do tomorrow and have 5 more tutes to read. Better be ready.